Finding a Sutherland Shire removalist and moving house can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can be difficult to remember the details, such as packing your belongings and making sure they are safe on the trip. It doesn’t matter if you are moving close to home or far away. The best packing materials can be a key part of your move. However, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. These are some top tips to help get you to your new place with all your stuff intact.

Packing materials for moving boxes

1. MAKE A LIST of what you have and what you need

Although it’s easy to get in and move, planning is a good way to organize your packing. You can work out what you need and save money. It is not worth buying more boxes than you need or getting more bubble wrap and insulation material if the bulk of your belongings are clothing. You might find stuff that you don’t want to bring with you. It’s better to get rid of now than drag it to your new home and realize it needs to go.

2. Use towels and bedding instead of just packaging them

You don’t have to waste space packing your linens or other useful materials. Instead, you can use them as insulation. You will save money on purchasing bubble wrap and other similar products, but this is a great way to protect your belongings from the damage that comes with the move.


You can use the lighter stuff you don’t have to wrap in bags for wrapping other items. These bags are much more affordable than boxes and can be used to move heavier items. These bags can be easily squished and manipulated to fit your needs and protect heavier items.

4. Use your existing supplies

Moving doesn’t require you to purchase new boxes. Any item in good condition can be moved, including your old TV box and all those that are available online. Plastic containers are also a great solution that is durable and long-lasting. Anything that can be used to transport your belongings is a cost-saving option.

5. Rent, don’t buy

You can rent plastic containers and boxes from many places, including removal companies, if you don’t own any. You will save money and be more eco-friendly if you rent something that can be reused over and over. There are many options, both in plastic and cardboard. You should find something that suits your home. removalists sutherland shire

6. Keep your most precious things close by

You can only do so much with lots of insulation and careful packing. Items can still be damaged during the move. It is best to transport them in their own boxes, on your lap, on your car or anywhere else you feel is safest. For most items, good packaging is fine. But for those ornaments or glasses you treasure, you should make sure they are properly packaged and stored where they can be easily retrieved.


Steve Lavin Removals is a reliable and trustworthy moving company. They not only move your stuff from one place to another, but also help you get there. You can see what they have in terms of packing paper, tape and boxes.


Do not just jump in and allow the cost of moving house to continue mounting. You can plan out what you need and make use of the resources you have. Also, remember that some possessions can help you insulate and protect others. You don’t have to go far or slow down. These tips will help you get moving without spending a fortune.

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