Remote Hub allows you to market your services

Posting your Service is one of the best ways to get new clients to Remote Hub and to draw their attention to your job applications. We have listed the best practices below to ensure you get optimal results.

How to post a service: Best practices

Remote Hub service postings can be filled out in a variety of fields. These fields can be leveraged to increase your performance and help you find more work. Follow the best practices below to get optimal results.

1. Add a Cover Image to your Service. A cover image is more likely to be clicked on by people than a low-quality, attractive picture. This is why it’s important to add a cover photo to your service posts to increase engagement. Avoid abstract images. Your visitors should be able immediately to identify the purpose of your Service.

2. Your Service should have a proper Title. Your title should be concise and clear. Avoid unnecessary wordplay and complicated titles. Your title should be clear and concise. Customers will need to understand what you have to offer. The title can be started with the phrase “I will make …””.

3. You can make it easier for potential customers to find your Service by choosing the best Category. If you feel that your Service could be classified in more than one category then choose the one you prefer. You can always post a new service in a different category.

4. Once you have selected a category, several subcategories will be available. These subcategories allow you to specify the type of services you offer. Select the subcategory closest to the type of work you are looking for.

5. Next, list all relevant professional skills involved in your Service. It’s important to include any information that might be of value to potential clients in your comprehensive list.

6. You will now need to give a detailed description of your Service. You should list all relevant aspects of your work here. This will prevent clients from misunderstanding you. Use simple language, however. Convoluted descriptions can confuse potential customers.

Make sure to list all products and activities that your service covers. Employers need to know what you offer. If you offer additional services, make sure to add them to your service posting. Selling additional services to your clients is an easy way to increase your earnings potential.

7. It’s now time to choose your price. You can enter a fixed price for services you describe in this posting. While you can always negotiate custom prices, this is a good starting point for clients to work with.

8. Make sure to give your Service posting a thorough review and fix any errors. Once everything is in order, click the Post Service button to post your Service posting to Remote Hub’s marketplace.

Last Thoughts

You now know how to post a service offer on Remote Hub. This will give you everything you need for a successful remote career. We have one last tip before we leave you.

Avoid posting generic services. Client searches will be more successful if you are very specific. Split it into several services, instead of creating a generic service that has a vague price and many options. Each one should be unique and have specific pricing.

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